Tek-Tanks manufacture custom buoys for flotation applications, data acquisition and markers.

The flotation buoys below were foam filled and then bolted to galvanised steel frames which then went over piles in a river. The buoys slid up and down the piles according to the state of the tide.

                          River Pile Floats

Working with Planet Ocean in Hampshire, Tek-Tanks developed a data acquisition buoy named the “Minibuoy”. The white angled box on top of the yellow flotation buoy houses the electronics and solar panels. Access into the Minibuoy is through the square hatch plate on the top.


Should you have a specialist requirement for something similar then we would be more than happy to discuss your ideas and hopefully bring them to life!

Buoy Markers

Machined from 2 tone High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) these buoy markers provide a perfect solution. The material is UV stabilised and being 12.7mm thick will offer high strength which combats the elements and should be pretty vandal proof as nothing will stick to HDPE.

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Close up of Logo detail