Custom Fridge and Freezer Liners

Tek-Tanks Custom Built Fridge liner

Custom Built Fridge Liner

Custom units should be of the top loading kind, however front loaders are possible, but careful consideration must be given to the hinge and lock mechanism as this is not provided.

To obtain a quotation for a custom built fridge liner, please submit a drawing or template of your proposed design and Tek-Tanks will then produce a CAD drawing once the quotation has been accepted.

Table below shows thickness of insulation required for fridges and freezers in different parts of the world. Insulation type is expanded PU foam, e.g. aluminium lined Celotex or Kingspan. All dimensions in mm.

Region    Fridge   Freezer
UK 50 75
MED 75 100
CARIB 100 150


Tek-Tanks Custom Built Fridge Liner with Lid

Example of Top Loader fridge liner

Example of CAD drawing supplied


Below is a selection of fridge and freezer liners we have manufactured over the years. They are  all one offs custom built to customers requirements.

 SN13871_2-CUT  SN13869_2.-CUT  SN12276_5-CUT  SN12276_2-CUT
SN14486_2 - CUT SN14486_8-CUT SN15234_3-CUT SN13871_5-CUT