Specialised Tankage

Over the years Tek-Tanks have been asked to manufacture many unusual and specialised tanks. Below are some photographs with short descriptions of some of them. We are always open to new ideas and be pleased to discuss any unusual designs/applications that you have in mind.


New: Oven Cleaning Dip Tank – A perfect small business opportunity!

New OvenOven


The newly designed oven cleaning dip tank makes light work of the most neglected ovens. Its efficient fully insulated double wall construction ensures that your solution remains piping hot all day and warm to the touch the next morning. The oven dip tanks heavy duty construction is CE approved, meets all the required standards and will serve you well for many years to come.


For more information download our Oven Cleaner Sales Brochure or call our office on 01420 520830



Fuel Cells for Marine and Automotive Applications

Marine Fuel Cell



The fuel cells were manufactured from 10mm thick HDPE with a 5mm thick polished acrylic inspection hatch sealed with a 1.5mm thick nitrile rubber gasket. The cells incorporated a direct water filler cap, a hydrogen take off elbow and a 1 bar pressure relief valve. The customer carried out the final fit out installing the rods and electrical connections.




Under Light Display tank for Landau UK

Landau Tank


This tank was used for displaying underwater lights as supplied and fitted by Landau UK. The clear panel was made from 10mm thick acrylic and bolted on using our standard 8mm bolts. The tank had a false floor into which their propeller logo was drilled with 2.5mm holes. They then injected compressed air into the false floor so bubbles rose up through the tank replicating the logo. The customer fitted the lights and wired them up in house. The tank can be seen in their modified racing car trailer which attends many of the boat shows and events throughout the UK.



HarringtonGenerator Fuel & Battery Tank


These dual purpose tanks were designed for Harrington Generators, used for military applications. Maximising space and convienience the fuel tanks also incorporate an engine battery tray. Welded flanges around the bottom enabled the tank to be firmly mounted to the chassis.




Equipment Storage BoxesDSC01175cut

Pictures below show a custom case for an aluminium polishing machine, made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). The base of the case holds the machine and it’s accessories. The lid clips to the base and a carry handle is included on the cover.

DSC01167 cut

At Tek-Tanks we can custom build a protective portable case to suit any specialised, expensive mobile equipment.

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