Tank Repair Service

Tek-Tanks offer a tank repair service for split polyethylene tanks. If a tank splits or is accidentally damaged then it may be possible to repair and will often be cheaper than replacing the tank. We can repair leaking fittings and inspection hatches. Just bring the tank to us or send us some pictures, and we will be pleased to have a look and provide a quotation. Costs are normally between £25.00 and £75.00 depending on the amount of work to be done.

We have plugged holes that have been accidentally drilled into the tank and supplied specialist adhesive that can be used in situ on tanks that are hard to remove. We can even come to the tank and repair on site if required.


 Tank1                    DSC01544
            Plastic Water Tank with a Split             Plastic Fuel Tank with a Crack
Leaking Fuel Tank Level Indicator