Bait Tanks & Oxygen Infusors

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They are guaranteed to outperform all others in their category!!
The units are available in two sizes: 14 or 20 gallons and come complete with:
– pump
– air supply hose
– air control centre
– battery terminals
– instruction booklet
– black handles
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All units come with  KeepAlive®12 Volt oxygen infusors which will keep your fish alive and healthy!
The units are available in two sizes:
KA460 suitable for 10, 14 and 20 gallons baitwells
KA1100 suitable for 30 gallons baitwells
All units are supplied with 6 feet of cable.
The KA460F floating version of the KA460 is suitable for prawns.
Please click here to see KA460 Video in salt water.

Understanding the concepts of aeration.

There are many misconceived ideas about aeration.

Two common fallacies are:

1. Large live wells are required to sustain a large quantity of fish.

2. Large live well pumps are needed to move large quantities of water through the live well to keep live bait and fish alive.

To understand what is really needed in proper aeration, it is best to take a look at ourselves.


  • If we were enclosed in a large airtight room we would be able to breathe for many hours before we would consume all the oxygen.
  • If we were in an airtight closet, the oxygen would be consumed a lot quicker.
  • If we were swimming underwater without a snorkel, the oxygen in our lungs would be gone very quickly.
  • In all cases, without additional oxygen we would expire!

However, we could stay alive indefinitely, if we could use a breathing tube or snorkel that was in contact with outside fresh air or oxygen. It would not matter about the size of the container that enclosed us.

An aerator is to a fish, what a snorkel is to us! The smaller the air bubble, the more slowly it will rise, giving it more time to dissolve in the water.
Due to the higher density of salt water, air bubbles are usually smaller in salt water than in fresh water.
A large 20mm bubble has a volume of 4.19 cm3, and a surface area of 12.6 cmsq
You could make 260 small 3mm bubbles from the large bubble. They would have a total surface area of 83.6 cm2. This is 6.6 times the surface of the 20mm bubble.
The small bubbles, can theoretically aerate 6.6 times as much water with the same amount of air.
Knowing the importance of air bubble size, the effectiveness of different aerator systems becomes readily apparent!

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