Chemicals and Marine Toilet Roll


Pura Tank Pura Tank
(500 ml)
Cleanses and disinfects water tanks, pipes, pumps and outlets.
Kills algae and bacteria. 500 ml bottle will treat 160 ltrs.
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 Clean a Tank Clean a Tank
(500 g)
Removes calcareous deposits in your water tank, improves taste and eliminates odours.
Contains citric acid. Should be used whenever calcareous and other deposits plug your drinking water system. Use before Pura Tank to kill algae and germs, follow with Aqua Byu nowClean for purification and long term storage. Lasts up to 50 litres.
 Aqua Clean Aqua Clean
(50 ml)
Chlorine free, drinking water additive. Purifies and keeps drinking water germ-free and safe to drink for up to six months.
Contains silver additives that are neutral in odour and taste
One 50ml bottle purifies 500 litres to last more than a season.Byu now
  Pury Rinse  Pury Rinse
(1000 ml)
Soft Cleaner and deodorant for water tanks supplying toilets.
Citric acid prevents and removes stains, calcareous and other deposits.
Lavender oil for pleasant smell.
For cleanness in your toilet and perfect function of rubbers and gate valves.Byu now
 Purysan  Purysan
(500 ml)
Sanitizes holding tanks up to 500 ltrs.
Super concentrate, equivalent to 1.5 litre traditional concentrates.
Disinfects and helps break down waste and toilet paper.
Has a clean and fresh scent. Easy to measure and use.
Contains no harmful formaldehyde and is more than 90% biodegradable.
The contents is sufficient for approx 25 uses.Byu now
  Pury Blue  Pury Blue
(1000 ml)
Head and Holding Tank Treatment.
Kills odour.
Breaks down waste and tissue.
Helps to keep the tank clean.Byu now
  Pury Clean  Pury Clean
(500 g)
For cleaning and disinfection of waste water tanks and systems.
Eliminates unpleasant odour by disinfection and removes self-acting most kinds of deposits. Should always be used at the end of the season to prevent the deposits sticking on the tank walls.Byu now
  Pury Tank Cleaner  Pury Tank Cleaner
(1000 ml)
Highly effective tank cleaning solution. Removes limestone deposits and urinary calculus in tanks. Pleasant fragrance.Byu now
(1000 ml)
Eliminates holding tank odour completely. Breaks down waste. Clear, non-staining
100% organic and biodegradable. Safe for chemically sensitive people.Byu now
    Clean’n Green
(12 sachets)
Clean & Green will clean any RV or marine toilet bowl and control holding tank odours with one easy to use sachet. Place one sachet in toilet and the effervescent action will quickly dissolve the sachet, releasing enzymes and cleaners. This product is 100% biodegradable and formaldehyde free.
Pine Fresh Toilet Cleaner and Descaler
(1000 ml)
 Removes all lime scale in toilet bowl. Kills germs. Cleans and freshens your  toilet.
toilet-fresh-cleaner Toilet Fresh Clean & Condition
(1000 ml)
Cleans, prevents scale, deodorises, specially formulated biological action. Safe to use in any marine toilet system.
  Aquadosa  Aquadosa
(1000 ml)
Kills bacteria including Legionella, viruses, algae, fungi & fungal spores.  Breaks down to water and oxygen.  No taste or odour.  Removes biofilm.  Continues to disinfect after application.  Quick and easy to apply.
    Marine Toilet Roll (SeaLand)
(4 pack)
 A pack of four single ply, rapid dissolving  toilet paper insures against pipes getting blocked and bunged-up. 400 sheets per roll.
  06.1458.00  Boat and Caravan Toilet Roll
(4 pack)
Extremely soft and soluble. Prevents blockage of toilet and sewage systems. Double layered paper, each roll containing 250 sections.. Ideal for boat and caravan toilets.
    Fuel Set
(250 ml, 500 ml)
 The complete fuel conditioner in one bottle! The best way to improve the performance of all petrol and diesel engines, reducing engine maintenance costs and prolonging the life of engine parts. Control the fuel and your uncontaminated engine will thrive as it was designed to – at its peak!Features:– pH neutral-contains no hydrocarbons, sulphur, phosphorous, nitrogen or metallic ingredients
– works with 2 stroke
– removes water that fungi need to survive by eliminating all condensation
– cleans throughout the combustion process
– handy dosing bottle measures and dispenses 20 ml at a time (treating up to 80 l of fuel of each measure)
– the detergent nature helps disperse clumps of dead bug, significantly reducing clean-up time in the aftermath of fungal infestation
– prolongs fuel filter life
– improves the efficiency of lubricating oils by removing and preventing carbon deposits from combustion chambers, exhaust ports / passages and turbines
– effective in removing contaminates such as waxes, gums and carbon, resulting in smoother running
    Fuel Doctor
(500 ml, 1000 ml)
Composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Cleans carburetors. Eradicates bacteria & fungal growth. Disperses moisture. Dissolves gum & varnish.
Maintains fuel efficiency and engine performance by keeping the fuel system clean and dry. Unique formula effectively dissolves deposits that are formed at the valves and injectors.