Racing Boat Lightweight Tanks



 With the recent introduction of a CNC to Tek-Tanks, Director Martin Rye and his team went into overload realising new potentials of our production. Among many new avenues came the all-new, and rather niche lightweight racing tank. After enthusiastic discussion with Tim Dean Marine Consultancy, Martin came up with the concept.

V1_RACE_TANK_whtMartin discussed the ideas through with his design team, which included machined out pockets in the tanks walls, baffles and hatch plates to produce a lightweight tank that can still achieve V1_RACE_TANK_EXPLODE_whtthe strength and durability of our typical production tanks. There was much excitement around the office as we achieved a 48% weight reduction, and on this particular 56 litre fuel tank, that’s a crucial weight saving of 5.3kg.

The ultra lightweight plastic tank is now being discussed with drilled out hatch bolts, see through panel for level indication and much lightened brass fittings for vent, feed and return.

We’ll shortly be extending the range of lightweight racing tanks including shaped tanks, but it doesn’t stop there! Don’t like its appearance? We’ll put the pockets on the inside of the tank!

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