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Manual Diaphragm Pumps

Manual diaphragm pumps offer light lever operation to diaphragm mechanism. Excellent soft solids handling capability. These pumps will pass small hard objects. Sanitary towels can cause a problem, but virtually all other waste, passed by any marine toilet, can be discharged. Generally they offer simple maintenance and inexpensive spares. Both behind and through bulkhead mounting is available.

Manual Sanitation Pump

Electric Diaphragm Pumps

Specification as above but electric. Available in both 12 and 24v. Suitable for large private and small charter boats. If a standby pump is required, install a hand operated pump inline, as one pump will pull/push through the other.


Electric Macerator Pumps

These pumps are very compact and lend themselves to installations short on space. Matter to be discharged passes through a bronze cutter which reduces the waste particle size, and is then pumped by the flexible impeller pump, discharging through a 1″ (25mm) hose. The macerator cutter will not handle rags, hard objects or sanitary towels etc.

Macerator Pump