Sanitation Hose

Marine Sanitation HoseSanitation hose has long been the subject of a whole lot of debate. Some experts insist that anything less than double walled hose is unacceptable, some even recommend the use of rigid PVC. In fact, the first is an unnecessary expense, the second could be the worst thing you could do.

There have been problems with hose in the past, and there is hose on the market today that is totally unsuitable for sewage, and it’s impossible to determine, just by looking, whether a particular white flexible PVC hose is suitable for use in sanitation systems or not. Tek-Tanks can supply a sanitation grade hose. See Catalogue for details.

If possible, run your hose without any low spots where sewage can stand, and always be sure to flush the head sufficiently to push all the sewage out of the hose and rinse behind it. As part of the routine of closing up the boat, close the intake seacock, flush the head dry, then pour about a 2 pints of fresh water into the head and flush that through the system completely. If limited holding capacity makes extra flushing each time the head is used impractical, following this will solve most odour problems.

ConnectorsThe standard for sanitation hose is flexible smooth-walled PVC, 1½” (except for the discharge from a macerator to an overboard through-hull installed below the waterline, for which the standard is 1″). Since the standard fittings on holding tanks are 1½”, when coming off a macerator to a holding tank, it will be necessary to break the hose, using a 1″ to 1½” adapter. The standard for the hose from a holding tank to the deck fitting is also 1 ½”I.D.

A range of pipe adaptors are available to suit sanitation hose from the Catalogue on our online shopping website.