Loft Tanks

Custom Built Loft Tanks

Tek-Tanks can manufacture custom built loft header tanks to fit your loft space exactly. Should none of the standard ones below be suitable then we can still custom build rectangular tanks.

Custom moulded tanks are also possible where more than 20 units are required. Tooling costs are relatively inexpensive with very reasonably priced unit costs. We can offer a complete design and manufacturing service. You come to us with the idea and we will make it happen.

Standard Loft Tanks

loft-tankTek-Tanks Loft Tanks are manufactured from black polyethylene with clever snap-on lid/s.

A complete solution for loft water storage. Everything is included with the TT-2000 package, the tank, the fittings, the lid and the insulation, there is nothing else needed and the whole kit complies with Byelaw 30 regulations.

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These loft tanks tanks come in a popular range of sizes. The part numbers actually denote the size of the tank in inches. For example the TT-20120 is 20” long x 12” wide and 20” high.

Primary Expansion Tank:

TT-181212, 4 gallons (18 litres)




Regular Loft Tanks:


Capacity: Product Code:
12 gallons (55 litres) TT-201220
12 gallons (55 litres) TT-201518
12 gallons (55 litres) TT-241615
15 gallons (68 litres) TT-181818
15 gallons (68 litres) TT-241220
15 gallons (68 litres) TT-241518
15 gallons(68 litres) TT-241717
18 gallons (82 litres) TT-241224
18 gallons (82 litres) TT-241819
20 gallons (91 litres) TT-202020
20 gallons (91 litres) TT-241524
25 gallons (114 litres) TT-552012
25 gallons (114 litres) TT-272020
30 gallons(136 litres) TT-242424
30 gallons (136 litres) TT-392017
35 gallons (159 litres) TT-292222
35 gallons (159 litres) TT-302423
42 gallons (190 litres) TT-392021
42 gallons (190 litres) TT-461919
50 gallons (227 litres) TT-362423
50 gallons (227 litres) TT-462419
50 gallons (227 litres) TT-641819
70 gallons (318 litres) TT-642419
100 gallons (464 litres) TT-642623


Tek-Tanks loft storage tanks meet the following standards:

ISO 9001:2008 All Tek-Tanks Loft Tanks are manufactured within ISO 9001:2008 approved factories under controlled conditions and tested to meet exacting standards.

BS 4213:2004 All Tek-Tanks Loft Tanks are manufactured to BS 4213:2004 and Kitemarked.

WRAS Tek-Tanks have always adopted a policy of having all relevant products tested and approved by the United Kingdom Water Fittings Byelaws Scheme to ensure full compliance with Water Byelaws.

All mandatory water supply (water fittings) 1999 requirements are met by fitting a Tek-Tanks Loft Tank.

TT-2000 Package (supplied with the tank)

  • Snap-on Lid
  • Loft Tank Byelaw 30 kit and fitting instructions
  • BS1212 Part 2 ½” ballvalve and 4½” float
  • Ballvalve backplate
  • 22mm compression tank connector
  • 15mm x ½” angled service valve
  • Insulation and ties

Byelaw 30 Kit

Screwed Breather
Screwed Vent pipe sleeve
Screened warning pipe elbow
Ballvalve backplate
Dip tube
Plastic support washer
Rubber sealing washer



Beta part 2 ½”
British Standard BS1212
Nylon Seating
WRc approval No. 0010047



4½” float size
Brass insert


Tank Connector

22mm Compression
British Standard BS864-2
BSEN1254 Part 2
Backnut and Olive


Service Valve

British Standard BS864-2
BSEN1254 Part 2
15mm x ½”
Full bore



Meets all British Standard requirements



Snap-on Polylid standard for every TT-2000 Loft Tank


Fitting Instructions

Universal and comprehensive instructions for every TT-2000 Loft Tank



Please click here to download the fitting instructions.