Vehicle Tanks

Series A for Water And Waste



This range of plastic water and waste holding tanks is ideally suited for either car valeters or window cleaners looking to fit out their vans with a decent supply of water. Also perfect for extra capacity water storage in caravan, motorhome and van conversions. Toilet waste is another application for these very versatile plastic tanks. Manufactured from 10mm thick medium density polyethylene, these plastic water and waste holding tanks provide a robust solution to all vehicle tank requirements. Fresh water plastic tanks will be taste free and the thick wall section will combat any odour problems normally associated with thinner walled tanks when used for black waste. These tanks can be supplied as plain tanks with no fittings. Tek-Tanks can however, “fit-up” these tanks to your requirements. You tell us what fittings and where you want them by marking the sizes and positions on one of our pdf drawings, which can be found below.
Rectangular Unbaffled Tanks Baffled Tanks Shaped Tanks
     Vehicle Tank

Series C for Diesel and Petrol

The Series C Range of plastic fuel tanks are ideal for running a generator or an onboard heater that requires a separate fuel supply, or maybe for storing extra fuel for your motocross bike. These plastic fuel tanks are red in colour and come complete with inspection cover, vented filler cap and an 8mm fitting with pickup pipe for fuel feed. A fuel return may also be fitted. There is also provision to fit a sender unit (for example Wema S3-20-S3-40) suitable for use with an analogue gauge (for example Wema IPFR). TT-56541

 Series C for Water

Series C Water Tanks are available in 2 versions:
1. Series C SupremeManufactured, in Italy, from High Density Polyethylene, these tanks are white in colour and come complete with inspection cover, filler cap with vent and a 1/2″ water connection fitting and pickup pipe. There is provision to fit a sender unit (for example Wema S3-30-S3-40 suitable for use with Wema analogue water gauge IPWR). TT-50071
2. Series C Value
These green rigid plastic water tanks are ideally suited to applications that require budget tanks. The fittings on these tanks are available separately and are designed so as they can be fitted by the user. TT-5014
 Series C for Waste

An excellent range of sensibly priced plastic waste holding tanks manufactured in Italy. Moulded with a thicker wall than the equivilent green water tanks in the Series C range to combat odour problems normally associated with moulded tanks. Fitting sizes are 1 1/2″ Inlet, 1 1/2″ Pumpout and 1 1/2″ Vent all mounted on an inspection plate which is removable. Fittings can be supplied with either elbows or straights (please specify when ordering).


Series C Tanks Strap Kit
Set of universal tank straps, suitable for any Series C Tank. Comes with 4 plastic blocks which screw to a ply or fibreglass base. Straps are then threaded through the blocks and over the tank. Series C Waste Tank Strapped_540