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Tek-Tanks are pleased to announce they have secured a contract to  supply water and waste tanks to Virgin trains. The tanks are supplied in batches of 20 and are at present on a call off order until April next year.

Tank shown in the picture is the water tank which has been moulded in medium density polyethylene with a 10mm wall thickness. There are various 1″ BSP female brass threads moulded directly into the tank wall to accept rigid pipework. A 2″ BSP female thread in the tank top is to accept a level indicator and the hatch on the front is for inspection purposes.

The tank was not baffled but a tube runs right through the tank side walls which helps prevent the sides panting when full.

Once the tanks have been inspected and tested they go to A.J. Paveley in Birmingham who then insulate the tanks and supply further equipment for delivery to the customer.

Waste Tanks awaiting despatch


Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Quad Squad who were featured in our main blog and also this page have broken the Guinness World Record for distance travelled on  Quad Bikes.
The lads have travelled 36,230 km to date which smashes the previous record of 27,141 km and they still have about 20,000 to go!

On a sadder note we report the death of Valerio, one of the three in the team. Valerio was involved in a road traffic accident in Africa whilst riding as a member of the squad. The lads decided to continue in his memory and are now at Cape Town with about 2000 km to go before getting on the boat to Australia where they will eventually finish in Sydney.

They are hoping to raise $100,000 for Oxfam and obviously would appreciate any donations. Please visit the website which can be found here for more information on the teams challenge and how to donate. Tek-Tanks wishes them luck in the remainder of their journey.


The Big Green Egg is the latest vehicle to come out of Qualiti Conversions in Botley Hampshire. Tek-Tanks supplied fresh water, grey water and waste tanks for this unusual conversion.

Big Green Eggs are BBQ’s made from cast iron, the heaviest weighing about 90kg. The BBQ’s were placed on the top deck and were covered with the removable awning. The bus travels the UK promoting the Big Green Eggs by means of cooking demonstrations on board the bus. For more information on Qualiti Conversions excellent work then please click here.


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Click image to go to the Expedition website

Tek-Tanks are pleased to anounce their involvement with a Team from Australia who are raising $100,000 for Oxfam Australia. They are going to drive 3 Quad Bikes (ATV’s) from Istanbul, through Europe to the UK, back through Europe, down to South Africa and finally back to Australia, then all around Australia to Sydney……3 continents and 32 countries, across 40,000 km!

We have been asked to supply 3  Series B 30 litre Fuel Tanks (TT-44832) which will be mounted on the back of the bikes. The Bikes are going to be prepared in the UK by ATV specialists ATV World. There will be a changeover valve so when the main tank runs out they will be able to use the fuel from the Series B tanks. This will greatly extend the range of the bikes which will be essential when travelling through Africa and Australia.

The purpose of the expedition is to be part of the fight against global poverty by raising awareness in Australia and around the world. The Expedition 2010 is proudly supporting Oxfam Australia’s global poverty campaigning by setting a fundraising goal of $100,000 towards Africa: food, water, sanitation, education, agriculture, livestock, and HIV/AIDS.

The Team will also be attempting to break the current Guinness World Records Record for the “Longest journey on an quad bike (ATV)” and in so doing, generating global exposure for EXP2010, Oxfam Australia, and all their supporters.

To find out more about the Expedition please visit the Teams website at



pekingparis[2]Tek-Tanks have recently supplied a Series C Fuel tank to Chris Evans and Mark Seymour. The tank will be used to extend the range of their 1928 Ford Model A. They have entered the 2010 Peking to Paris Rally along with 104 other entrants. The route will take them through the following landmarks and countries:

Peking – Great Wall of China – Inner Mongolia – Gobi Desert – Outer Mongolia – Ulaan Baatar – Kazakhstan – Kyrgystan – Tashkent – Uzbekhistan – Samarkand – Turkmenistan – Iran – Tabriz – Turkey – Istanbul – Greece – Italy – France – and finally Paris
Good luck to Chris and Mark