Window Cleaning & Car Valeting

Tank_In_Van_250Tek-Tanks have been supplying plastic tanks to window cleaners and car valeters for many years. The typical volumes required for these jobs normally require quite large plastic tanks.

With a vehicle on the move a plastic baffled tank is absolutely essential, whether it is one of our large standard plastic baffled tank or a custom built plastic tank  one you can be assured the vehicle will not be unstable while on the move.


Tek-Tanks plastic baffled tanks can be positioned either horizontaly or vertically as the extra thick wall will prevent any panting. Thinner and cheaper walled tanks will need to be well supported which all adds to the cost of the installation.

The standard thickness of all our plastic tanks is a minimum 0f 10mm. Even the baffles in our Custom Built Tanks are 8mm thick.

We would be pleased to measure your vehicle and provide you with a quotation for the best solution we can offer.

Pressure Washer KarcherTake a ride up to Tek-Tanks and have a cup of tea or coffee while we measure your vehicle up. If you know what size tank you require then give us a call on 01420 525477 and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

For more information and prices please visit our online catalogue.