10,000 Tanks And Busy Making More

10,000th-tankWhen Martin Rye started Tek-Tanks back in 1991, he probably had no idea that in just a few years he would be presenting a bottle of champagne to the owner of tank number Ten Thousand.

Martin (pictured right) and John Charnley, Chief executive of Southampton based Discovery Yachts (pictured left) are actually standing in the hull of the brand new and very luxurious Ron Holland designed Discovery 67 during the early part of the build process.

The tank seen here is just one of the seven plus tanks which Tek-Tanks have designed and supplied. There are three diesel, two water and two waste tanks, with an optional extended range fuel tank also available.

Now based in larger premises Near Alton, Hampshire, Tek-Tanks is part of the Tek-Group, the marine division of which produces a jet powered RIB under the Tek-Jet brand and a high tech racing catamaran under the Tek-Kat name.

In addition to designing and building tanks for production boats of all shapes and sizes, the company also produces them for individual retail customers, often building unique shapes and sizes to replace old and corroded ones. They now have a growing database of designs, so they can easily find exactly the right tank for many makes of boats.

There is also a comprehensive range of “standard” tanks listed on the Tek-Tanks web site www.tek-tanks.com, all of which can be “customised” by the addition of inlets, outlets and other fittings. Incidentally, there is a handy tank size and volume calculator on the site too.

Picture shows:

Martin Rye, MD of the Tek-Group handing over tank No. 10,000 to John Charnley, Chief executive Discovery Yachts

Further Information: Tek-Tanks Ltd

Phone: 01420 525477

Fax: 01420 520840

Web Site: www.tek-tanks.com

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