C-Boat 12 Launched



Tek-Tanks are pleased to announce their involvement with C-Boat. The C-Boat is a new concept in marine design and build. The inspiration behind C-Boat is Jason Carrington, world-renowned both as a round the world yachtsman and as a race yacht builder. He has become almost legendary for his painstaking attention to detail and his relentless ambition to build the lightest yet most robust yachts.

Obviously when the phone rang to discuss the 580 litre fuel tank we were very keen to get involved. A quick trip down to Lymington where the boat was being built ended in a template that Jason had built being cut in half so it would fit in the car! The template was reassembled back at the factory and drawings where produced for Jason to OK.

The tank was delivered and when placed in the boat it fitted perfectly with a slight sound of air being expelled as it slipped into position.C-Boat 12 Fuel Tank Tek-Tanks also supplied a V shaped water tank with a capacity of 81 litres for the same boat.

We wish Jason lots of luck with his C-Boat 12. To find out more about the boat please visit the C-Boat website



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