This is a very versatile effluent tank, ideal for construction, events, glamping and many more applications.
    This tank will store a whopping 2270 Litres of waste!


    Portable Sanitation Category

    If you have been struggling to deliver heavy, steel waste tanks with specialist equipment, it’s high time you switched to our robust, lightweight plastic waste tank.
    Easy to clean and not prone to unsightly rust the Big Foot is the long-term, clear product of choice for your liquid waste.
    Deliver and position the Big Foot with far less effort than a steel tank.

    Technical Advantages

    • Built in lifting handles and sling points.
    • Individual, non-removable serial number for traceability.
    • Non-removable, high contrast instructions and warning signs.
    • In-mould graphic is permanent.
    • Sloped upper surfaces to drain off rainwater.
    • Sealed access ports protect against spillage and odour.
    • Increase volume by linking several tanks together to extend the period between waste pump outs.
    • Linkable in two directions: side-to-side; nose-to-tail.
    • Stackable, rust-free, hygienic – flexibility guaranteed.


    • Construction sites
    • Events
    • Campsite / pleasure boat toilet waste tipping points
    • Wherever there is no mains sewer connection

    Why Plastic?

    • Plastic Big Foot Tanks will not corrode – no matter how long they are in use. Unsightly rust is a thing of the past.
    • Plastic Big Foot Tanks are much lighter than steel tanks (110 kgs compared with 420 kgs for a 500 gallon tank)
    • With its lower weight, using a Big Foot Tank will actually reduce your costs: less fuel, smaller truck, lower cost of lifting equipment and labour.
    • Plastic Big Foot Tanks reduce environmental impact: made from recycled material and helping you reduce fuel costs.
    • Deliver and position Plastic Big Foot Tanks with far less effort, heavy equipment and expense than steel tanks.
    • Plastic Big Foot Tanks are easy to clean and maintain a hygienic image.

    Technical Information

    Height: 510mm
    Length: 2800mm
    Width: 2000mm
    Dry Weight: 110kgs
    Wet Weight: 2380kgs
    Volume: 500 gallons / 2270 litres

    Additional information

    Weight110 kg
    Dimensions280 × 200 × 51 cm

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