Why do I need a macerator pump?

Because a uniform slurry is more easily pumped than raw toilet waste. Waste that has been macerated is pumped faster with less risk of annoying and unpleasant blockages, and less load on the pump.

Jabsco macerator pumps have 38mm (1 ½”) bore inlet ports for efficient solids handling. The pump takes in raw waste and grinds it to a uniform slurry that can be safely discharged via a 25mm (1”) bore pipe.

Jabsco macerator pumps are designed to handle normal toilet wastes and disintegratable toilet paper and tissues. They will not handle high-wet-strength tissues, sanitary towels, napkins, nappies, rags or hard objects.

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Diaphragm Waste

Diaphragm waste pumps are generally quieter than a macerator type pump. The Jabsco version has a rotating inlet/outlet port that makes it very versatile for installation purposes.

These pumps are ideally suited for waste tanks that have been filled from an electric macerating toilet and the waste is already in a slurry form.

A diaphragm waste pump can also be used as an electric bilge pump as they have a self priming capability of up to 3m (10 feet).



Whale MK5

Manual waste pumps will empty a waste holding tank very efficiently. They are self priming with a minimum 1.5m (5 foot) head.

They are essentially diaphragm pumps so are very simple in design. A simple one way valve is situated on both the inlet and outlet. These pumps are available with 38mm (1 ½”) and 25mm (1”) ports. Servicing is also very straight forward and if used as a manual bilge pump as well then only one service kit would be necessary for both pumps.

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These systems are ideally suited to handling all the waste including toilets, showers, sinks and urinals in the following applications:
 – Houseboats
– Pubs, Clubs and Bars
– Hotels and Restaurants
– Factories
– Shops and Offices
– Cinemas and Theatres
– Hospitals

The toilets can be manifolded together and brought into the pumping station, which can be situated on the same level, lower level or on the floor below.

These systems generally accept 4” discharge pipework using non-clogging pumps with large free passage that ensures freedom from blockage.

All these systems come with a control panel that monitors tank level, pump rotation on twin pump systems and are totally automatic.

For more information on these systems please phone to discuss your requirements as each one is individually tailored to suit your application. 01420 525477.