Pump-Out Deck Fitting

Pumpout Fitting

A Deck Pump Out fitting should conform to the British standard (BS 7162) and the ISO standard ISO04567.

The deck fitting should not have a chain linking the cap, (you can’t connect a pump out connector with a chain in the way), and should be clearly marked ‘Pump Out” or have the International Pump Out symbol stamped on the flange or supplied as a separate legend plate.

2-76801-D Drawing

The deck fitting should have an O Ring just under the thread for the cap. This allows the pump out station “probe” to create a good seal between the fitting and the probe. Without this seal the pump would just draw air and the tank cannot be emptied.



Although the best quality deck fittings are either cast stainless steel with stainless steel caps or chrome plated brass, colour coded plastic caps, blue for water, red for fuel and black for sewage are quite suitable and are far less likely to mistake one deck plate for another.

Pump Out Adapters

Some pump out stations may not have the correct probe or your existing deck fitting may not have the correct O Ring seal. If this is the case, then it is possible to buy various adapters that either screw into the deck fitting or provide a seal by pushing a rubber adapter into the deck fitting opening. Please give us a ring for information on these adapters if you think you need one.

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