Custom plastic tanks

Tek Tanks designers and engineers have developed a plastic tank construction system using high strength, high density polyethylene (HDPE). Our custom tanks are perfectly suited for a wide number of sectors including marine holding and water tanks, automotive, industrial, welfare and domestic. These plastic tanks overcome the persistent corrosion and weight problems of aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel tanks.

Tek-Tanks can produce tanks to hold a wide variety of liquids ranging from toilet waste and fuels to fresh taste free drinking water.

HDPE has a great working temperature range of -50 to +80 degrees Celsius and is resistant to a huge range of chemicals as well as being a food grade material. If you have a particular or unusual  liquid chemical you wish to store then you would be best to check with us on the suitability of HDPE to do the job.

Custom Plastic Diesel Tank

Strong and Secure

Tek-Tanks standard specification water and waste tanks include baffles placed approximately every 300 mm. On larger tanks these are locked into position by means of an interlocking pin and ribs situated under the top panel. This design feature prevents the top of the tank from lifting when under pressure.

These carefully planned internal baffles also perform two additional important functions. Firstly, they introduce immense rigidity to the design of the tank, and secondly, they cleverly limit the dynamic movement of contents, thus minimising the destructive pounding forces against the tank body.

Minimal Condensation

For diesel fuel tanks, HDPE will help with reducing internal water condensation when used for storage. Although not totally eliminating it, the material heat transfer properties greatly reduce the amount of water condensing out in the airspace left. It is always advisable where possible to leave HDPE (and any other) diesel tanks nearly full when left for any length of time.

Computer Aided Design

After your custom plastic tank has been designed on our CAD system and your drawing approved, we then use the same data from the drawing to produce cutting files of all the panels required to make your tank. These files are sent directly to our 21 tool, CNC flatbed AXYS router and cut to an accuracy of 0.01mm ensuring your tank is built to our exacting standards.

Inspection Hatches

The Tek-Tanks standard hatch is 200mm OD with 18 x M8 bolts which protrude above the tank top by 25mm. A high quality 3mm thick nitrile or cork gasket (depending on the application) is used between the tank top and the underside of the hatch. Where height is an issue a low profile version is available giving a total height of 13mm. A larger 270mm OD hatch is available. Where cross baffles are adjacent to an inspection hatch, the baffles have on average, eight inch diameter cut-outs to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Other hatches include the TCL4 and the FLB both of which can be found in the fittings guide. Not all inspection hatches are suitable for every liquid so if in doubt please ask.

Custom Design And Production

Bespoke HDPE tanks lend themselves to one-off production because there are no expensive mould tools to build. Custom tanks are of an all welded construction and built to the customers own design, but to Tek-Tanks demanding and proven specifications. 10mm thick HDPE cannot be easily curved, but multifaceted shapes normally solve most design problems. Please bear in mind when designing your tank that the more complicated the shape, the more expensive the tank.


Tek-Tanks can supply a wide range of fittings to enable you to “plumb” your tank in. Whether a sailing boat fuel tank or an outside water butt we have the fitting. Please see our Fittings Guide for our stock fittings, however, if you require something not shown, then we will source it for you.