Custom Hatches

Custom built inspection hatches.

Our inspection hatches are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene and are suitable for fuel, water, waste and most chemicals.

We can manufacture round, square, rectangular hatches complete with gasket and hard wear.

Acrylic Hatches

Acrylic inspections hatches provide a quick and easy way to view the inside of your tank. The internal condition of a water tank can be checked. If bacterial spores are spotted the tank needs to be cleaned and the water system purged.

Debris and heavy particles can clearly be seen on the bottom of a fuel tank. This bottom layer can either be drained off or drawn off using a length off copper or plastic pipe and a hand operated sump pump.

HDPE Hatches

We keep two HDPE hatch sizes on the shelf 200 mm or 270 mm but we can of course manufacture a hatch size to meet your needs.

The black hatches are generally used on our underslung black vehicle tanks. The black HDPE stops algae from growing and is UV stabilised.

We use only the best quality materials.

Rubber gaskets for water

Resin cork gaskets for fuel

A4 Marine Grade 316
Stainless steel hardware


As standard we fit plastic fittings for water and waste, brass for fuel or chemicals.

For easy maintenance and access some customers have their fittings mounted in the hatch. You of course need good head room if the feed or pump out has a dip pipe attached.

CE Certification

All of our tanks meet the required CE standards. A fuel tank must have a inspection hatch installed to meet this requirement.

A hatch can be mounted on the side of the tank or on the top of the tank. Over time and without maintenance a hatch on the side of a tank would be an area for a potential leak.

We strongly recommend that hatches are mounted on the top of a tank.

We also stock a few third party inspection hatches look here Stock Hatches


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