Our Guide to Marine Sanitation has proved very popular with customers over the years in its printed format.

The guide was originally written by Peggie Hall and has been adapted to suit our methods.

We hope it will continue to be as useful in web format. New ideas and products will be added as they become available.

At present the Solent is under close scrutiny, in that, it should be made a sanitation controlled area of water. This means that very soon holding tanks will be made compulsory to all yacht owners in & around the Solent area, as they are in many areas of water already. When they become compulsory the cost of supply & fitting them will inevitably be pushed upward.

Please follow this link for Tek-Tanks approved Waste Holding Tank installers.

If you feel you are not up to the job, then give them a ring. These guys really know their stuff. If you are thinking of travelling to the Med, then it really is becoming a must. There is new legislation in Spain which came into force in May 2004 which says ALL boats must be fitted with a waste holding tank system. Turkey and Greece have had legislation in place for some time. Turkey are also beginning to insist on grey water tanks !! Legislation for various countries can be found here.