Plastic tanks suitable for water, waste and diesel fuel, available from stock.

  • Replacement Production Boat Tanks

    Replacement Production Boat Tanks

    Tek Tanks have manufactured replacement tanks for many Production Boats. These tanks are available to buy for your boat. Popular boats include those manufactured by Westerly, Moody, Fairline, Jeanneau, Princess, Sealine, Bavaria, Bowman, Contessa, Dehler, Dufor, Halmatic and many more.
  • Series A Plastic Tanks

    Series A Plastic Tanks

    Exclusive to Tek Tanks, these high-quality seamless rotationally moulded tanks are manufactured from Medium Density Polyethene (MDPE) to maintain integrity under pressure and to avoid leaks. Natural in colour, semi-translucent, perfect for almost all installations. Black MDPE is available upon request.
  • Series C Plastic Tanks

    Series C Plastic Tanks

    Series C tanks are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene and come with a wall thickness between 4 – 6mm. The Series C fuel tanks are CE marked for the safe transportation and storage of petrol. We would like to provide more tank options for petrol but due to legislation, regulation, public liability and expensive tooling costs it makes this option…
  • Series D Plastic Water Tanks

    Series D Plastic Water Tanks

    Our budget Series D Water tanks are manufactured in natural translucent medium density polyethylene. Supplied with a vented lid and a threaded BSP socket, these tanks are ideal for mobile valeters, window cleaners, active sport pursuits such as motocross, jet skis or anyone who has the need to transport water.
  • Portable Sanitation

    Portable Sanitation

    Portable Tank System for use in a wide variety of applications such as emergency, public events, construction sites, glamping and many more...
  • Agricultural Sprayer Tanks

    Agricultural Sprayer Tanks

    Agricultural Sprayer Tanks suitable for ATV's and trailers.
  • C-Warm Calorifiers and Accessories

    C-Warm Calorifiers and Accessories

    Top class copper calorifiers to fit boats and vehicles of every size and type, horizontally or vertically mounted, supplied with double or single coil. Available in stock sizes from 18 to 141 litres with a choice of installation and control accessories.
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