Welfare Vehicles

Dependant on available space, our Series A tanks are suitable for towable fixed axle welfare trailers, lorries and vans. If a Series A tank does not measure up, then a custom built tank will take advantage of every available millimetre. Tanks can be either underslung and mounted within the chassis frame or accommodated inside.

Manufactured in food grade medium and high-density polyethene, our tanks are suitable for freshwater, black and grey waste. Being a food grade plastic, fresh water remains fresh and does not take on that plastic taint and taste like with cheaper tanks. Our waste tanks are odour free due to our specified wall thickness, so no bad smells in or around the vehicle.
It’s worth taking a look at our Series C tanks as these make great header tanks. If you need fittings in alternative places that’s not a problem: we can weld fittings in where you want them, making these tanks an extremely economical option.

We offer a large range of water flushing toilets, manual 12v, 24v and 240-volt macerating toilets are available. The Planus range incorporating its patented vortex pump can push waste 80 meters horizontally and 9 meters vertically yet is virtually silent when operated.

Series C Original Water