The SeaSmart is a  fantastic new device for sanitising and deodorising marine toilet systems, including all associated pipe work and sanitation hose. This great new product overcomes the well known and long standing malodorous and foul smelling problems associated with boat toilets. It uses controlled injection of a biodegradable disinfectant throughout the toilet system, using intelligent microprocessor control. It’s not expensive or difficult to install.

SeaSmart uses modern technology to ensure that precise and accurate doses of liquid biodegradable disinfectant are injected right at the start of the sanitation hose, by the seacock. This is achieved without any cutting or drilling of the hose or fittings and there are no connections below the waterline*. SeaSmart uses microprocessor technology to adapt the disinfectant quantities dispensed to the usage of the toilet.

The attractive SeaSmart unit is installed next to the toilet and contains a disinfectant container, a disinfectant pump, a microprocessor and a battery. It is neatly connected to a flow switch mounted by the toilet.

When the toilet is flushed the flow switch sends an electronic signal to the microprocessor and the disinfectant pump supplies a measured dose of disinfectant right to the start of the sanitation hose which then passes throughout the whole toilet plumbing system every time it is flushed.

The SeaSmart has discrete led indicators which tell you that the unit is working with each flush and when to change the battery or the refill. Refill replacement is quick and simple as the SeaSmart unit is installed right by the toilet.

SeaSmart Deodouriser

Heavy Usage Mode

On certain occasions a craft may be subject to long continuous usage, such as a long voyage with a full crew on board. On these occasions a toilet could be subject to heavy usage of 50 or more flushes per day, which would exhaust the disinfectant container quite quickly.

In these circumstances less disinfection to the system is necessary so the microprocessor registers the high usage and reduces the amount of disinfectant dispensed with each flush. This allows the disinfectant refill to last longer before replacement.

*Where a marine toilet is itself installed below the waterline, it is still quick and simple to install SeaSmart.

Maintenance Mode

SeaSmart has other important features. If the craft is left unused for a period of time and the toilet isn’t flushed, it’s possible for the odours to build up again. So the microprocessor goes into “maintenance cycle” after a few days and automatically runs the disinfectant pump to inject a little more disinfectant into the inlet sanitation hose, thereby keeping the water sanitised and odour free.