Plastic Tank Repairs

For health and safety reasons we are not able to repair black waste tanks.

We are happy to give free advice on all your tank issue just give our sales team a call on Tel: 01420520830

Very little sticks to HDPE and Polypropylene plastic, over the years we’ve seen sealants, adhesives, tapes and glass fiber attempts to re-seal a tank. These fixes can last for a few weeks, but the problem soon re-appears. The best and most reliable solution is to have the tank repaired by plastic welding.

In House Repair Service

We may be able to repair your tank but first we need to know what the problem is.

Take a couple of pictures of the problem with your phone and send them over. If the tank is one of ours see if you can get the tanks serial number, which can be found on the silver label. Forward the information to us and we will look and advise as to the best course of action.

DIY Repair

If you can’t get to our production site in Alton and it’s not feasible to ship your tank to us don’t despair, there are still a couple of things that can be done.

Send us a couple of pictures of the tank indicating where the problem is. The more information that you can give us the better.

Plastic Fittings

We don’t use any glues or sealants on our fittings as these always breakdown over time.
We plastic weld our fittings in.

For water and waste, we use plastic fittings. These incorporate a rubber seal which generally last for many years before they need to be replaced.

Replacement seals can be purchased in our store.

Brass Fittings

We use brass fitting for fuel and chemical tanks. Hand tight plus a pinch is more than enough to ensure these fittings don’t leak.

Should you get a drip from a brass fitting then a small amount of PTFE tape should do the trick.

If a fitting has been cross threaded or you have a leak from the reducing bush contact the sales team for advice.


Available from our store, Permabond TA4610 is one adhesive that does stick to plastics. For a small to medium repair, you will require a pack of adhesive, a mixing nozzle or two and the standard 300ml cartridge dispenser adapter.

The Permabond TA4610 has only a 15 minute open time, so do work fairly quickly.

We can supply you a patch of plastic if required. For more information contact the sales team.

Need to fit a new fitting?

If you have access to the inside of the tank, then you could fit a threaded or hose tail type skin fitting. This type of fitting is often difficult to seal, especially if it is a plastic tank. 

Ezi seal

If you can’t get to us and have a fitting welded in then depending on the hose size that you require Ezi seal is a much long-term solution. Ezi seals are fitted in from the outside of the tank no access to the inside of the tank is required.

Tank Access

Do you need to obtain access to the inside of your tank? If you do we can supply a couple of retro fit hatch options.

Suitable for water & waste the TCL4 is available with a black or clear screw top lid. Suitable for water, waste & diesel the FLB/1 is easy to install.

Give us a call and lets see what can be done Tel: 01420 520830


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