Water & Fuel Level Indicators

Tek-Tanks electricalwater senders and gauges are fitted as original equipment by most major UK boat builders. Made from a stainless steel head assembly with
a stainless steel tube, they are reliable and easy to install. A float, holding twin magnets, rises and falls with the water level and triggers a series of electronic switches housed and sealed within the tube.

The system is simple and with no mechanical moving parts to wear, it is very durable and can withstand the constant movement of the contents much better than the ‘car type’ floating arm sender. The sender head has a 1 1/4″ BSP male thread, with double ‘O’ rings for an efficient seal. We offer a series of fitting flanges to suit most situations. Our senders can be custom built to replace faulty floating arm units, including  the American specification which works in reverse to the UK version.

The sender is supplied to suit the depth of the tank and is calibrated during manufacture. Fitting is as easy as screwing in the sender and joining two wires to the gauge. At extra cost, we can supply senders to trigger any type of gauge, or have special calibration for heavily shaped tanks. As standard we keep senders in stock ranging from 200mm to 600mm in 50mm increments. Specials can be ordered but will take about 10 days to supply.

Tek-Tanks water senders can also be used to switch a pump on and off if used with a relay block designed specifically for the purpose, ideal for automatically emptying grey water tanks used for sink and shower waste. Please phone for more details.

For a twin tank installation that has isolated tanks and the contents of each tank need to be read separately, then a dual panel is available which uses a common gauge and a simple switch which is normally off but can be switched
to read the contents of each individual tank. Please phone for more details.

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