Series C Tanks Modifications

One of the advantages of a Custom or Series A tank is that they are blank. The customers can choose what fittings they want and where they want them on the tank.

So the plumbing dictates where the fittings should go. Our Economy Series C range have all of the fittings on the top of the tanks. In this case that tank dictates the hose runs.

Although all is not lost…

We are able to modify the Series C Water and Waste Tanks with custom fittings to suit your application.

The yellow waste tanks come as standard with an inspection plate to which only 4 fittings can be attached. Normally one inlet, one or two pump-outs and a vent.

There is no provision for a level indicator. We able to weld an 1 1/4″ BSP female thread to the tank to accept a sender.

Should the standard tank fittings not be suitable or a different arrangement is required then we can provide a custom hatch plate and weld the required fittings to that.

If the fittings need to be in other positions around the tank rather than all in the hatch area then no problem, we can just add any of our standard Water and Waste Tank plastic fittings to any part of the tank. (This applies to the Series C Modular Water Tanks as well).

If you would like us to modify any of these tanks then simply download the PDF drawing which is available in the Document section of every tank and mark it up with the fittings you require using our part numbers if possible. The drawing can then be sent to us by uploading from our Contact Us page.


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