Exclusive to Tek Tanks, these high-quality seamless rotationally moulded tanks are manufactured from Medium Density Polyethene (MDPE) to maintain integrity under pressure and to avoid leaks. Natural in colour, semi-translucent, perfect for almost all installations. Black MDPE is available upon request.

  • Series A Baffled Tanks

    Series A Baffled Tanks

    Plastic quality series baffled tanks, suitable for Water, Waste and Diesel Fuel. Our durable 10mm walled baffled tanks have been designed for the safe transportation of water in mind. Perfect for all sorts of uses, mobile business, rainwater harvesting, agriculture, extreme sports such as motocross, off roading and many more.
  • Series A Shaped Tanks

    Series A Shaped Tanks

    All of our ‘A’ Series rectangular and shaped tanks are moulded without fittings, so they can be used in a stand up or lay flat orientation. All fittings are welded to the tanks, we do not use any glues or sealants.
  • Series A Rectangular Tanks

    Series A Rectangular Tanks

    Series A Rectangular Plastic Tanks provide long-lasting performance and efficiency. The volumes range from 9.6 litres to 340 litres, suitable for Water, Waste and Diesel. Supplied pressure tested with fittings of your choice.
  • Series A Tanks (Water Only)

    Series A Tanks (Water Only)

    A range of large baffled tanks suitable for rainwater collection, mobile car valeting and window cleaning operations plus many more. The volumes range from 250 to 1000 litres.
  • Series A Vertical Waste Tanks

    Series A Vertical Waste Tanks

    These vertically mounted gravity discharge tanks are designed to be bolted directly to a bulkhead or suitable structure, saving time and money on installation.
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