Exclusive to Tek Tanks, these high-quality seamless rotationally moulded plastic tanks are manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). Natural in colour, semi-translucent, perfect for almost all installations. Black MDPE is available upon request.

Our Series A plastic tanks come with many benefits. The acids in black waste are highly corrosive and will attack and eventually penetrate the welds of stainless steel and aluminium tanks. Not the case with a Tek Tank. Unlike cheaper waste tanks, our plastic material and wall thickness stops waste odours from penetrating through the plastic. So, no nasty smells fill the air.

MDPE is a food grade material and therefore it is perfect for water tanks too. Freshwater remains fresh to the taste; no plastic taint is experienced. Plastic tanks are the best solution for diesel: not only are the tanks lightweight, they are also corrosion free and offer a substantial reduction in condensation.

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