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Dialysis tank

Some patients requiring dialysis treatment need to attend a hospital every day. Others require standard dialysis treatments three times a week.

Although expensive portable dialysis machines are available allowing patients to treat themselves in the comfort of their own home.

Taking this self-dependency one step further a Peritoneal Dialysis patient contacted Tek Tanks and requested a portable plastic waste tank. Depending on the severity of the condition a patient may require a fair few litres of Dialysate fluid per treatment.

Our customer and patient was an avid hiker and our tank would enable him to spend a weekend away and treat himself while sleeping.

The tank needed to fit in our client’s car and be secured and protected.

Our client’s car came with a puncture repair kit so no sparewheel. It was decided to build the tank and make use of the spare wheel void.

After the tank was fitted the spare wheel panel was put back in place and the tank was completely contained.

The tank would be kept clean, secure and protected.

We manufacture tanks from food grade HDPE plastic, suitable for medical applications

Dosing Tanks

We stock a range of rotationally moulded M.D.P.E food grade polyethylene tanks suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals.

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