Tek Tanks Gear Up For New Waste Tank Production

A new production cell has been set up at the Tek Tanks factory (Alton) to cope with increasing demand for trailer waste tanks. Lightweight and corrosion free, these custom built tanks are proving to be extremely popular with event toilet hire companies. Built to customer dimensions and requirements, these tanks are perfect for event trailers, welfare units, container conversions and shepherd huts.

Design and Manufacturing

Assisting customers Tek Tanks in-house CAD design is a great help. Just simply forward a hand sketch of your requirement and Tek Tanks will take care of the rest. We will send you a free no obligation quote, if acceptable we will then send a CAD drawing for your approval.
Download an example of a drawing for approval for a 4.8 meter trailer tank JUSTLOOS4.8-10-1

Once approved, your tank is cut on a CNC machine accurate to 1000th of an inch, hatches and fittings are placed precisely just where you want them.


The tanks are manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene plastic, 10 to 12 mm wall thickness dependent on tank size. The half baffles effectively reduce movement when towing yet allow good access for cleaning. Very little sticks to HDPE contents flow into the sloping sump and exit through a 3″ blade valve.

Tek Tanks can fit inspection hatches and weld in fittings just where you need them. The tanks are assembled, hand welded, finished and tested guaranteeing that customers receive a tank that will last a lifetime.

Toilet Trailer Tanks