Trudesign Marine Fittings

Experience the benefits of Trudesign’s marine nylon composite fittings and accessories

At Tek Tanks, we strive to identify and deliver innovation, quality, and value for money. Trudesign is the perfect example of this, meeting all our high standards and requirements.

Manufactured in New Zealand, TruDesign has quickly become the global leader in composite marine fittings, appealing not only to the world’s boat manufacturers but also to the individual boaters alike.

TruDesign marine fittings are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of marine environments, ensuring that the management of incoming and outgoing water is done in a controlled and safe way.

As the UK’s leading UK distributor for Trudesign, we take pride in supplying not just the product but also unparalleled technical information advice and support. Quite often, our customers tell us that it is refreshing to speak to a company that knows what they are talking about.

TruDesign Ball Valves

Set sail with confidence and peace of mind that with Trudesign installed, you are in very safe hands

TruDesign Ball Valves are designed for marine applications both above and below the waterline. Manufactured from a glass-reinforced nylon composite, these valves are strong, impact-resistant, yet lightweight. They are not affected by galvanic or electrolytic corrosion, unlike their metal counterparts, so no expensive bonding is required.

The PTFE polymer sealing rings ensure a seamless, smooth lever action that lasts for years. To maintain a ball valve, simply turn the handle at least once or twice a year. The chore of breaking down a seacock, cleaning the working parts, rubbing down the cone, re-greasing the components and reassembling every year is well and truly over.

Full Bore

Tee Handle Option

Locking Ball Valve

Ball Valve Spanners

TruDesign Seacock Kits

Where strength meets versatility

Select your preferred kit size and hose tail. Our kits come complete with a loadbearing collar for a few pounds extra, they increase the static load capability from 155kg/342lb without a collar to an impressive 500Ib (227 kg), a no-brainer in our book.

Choose from sizes ranging from ¾” to 3”, and opt for straight, 90°, or 120° hose tails. Tight spaces are no challenge with the optional Tee Handle.

All the tools you will need for seamless installation are available to ensure that your marine fittings are installed correctly. Trust TruDesign Seacock Kits to deliver unmatched strength and reliability in every marine setting.

Trudesign Aquavalve

Lightweight strength, unparalleled flexibility

The TruDesign Aquavalve offers a staggering 360 hose tail combinations. This outstanding flexibility allows for sanitation hoses to be connected strain-free and easy-flowing, a great help in confined spaces. Stainless steel fasteners, simple installation, and lockable features make it a standout choice.

Whether you prefer elbow or straight hose tails, a surface mount unit, or a through bulkhead option, TruDesign Aquavalves have you covered. A replaceable silicone seal guarantees smooth operation with minimal maintenance.

Attention CAD Designers




Trudesign Manifold

Streamlined hull solution, a single skin fitting

In a world where boats are equipped with more amenities than ever, a TruDesign Manifold offers a streamlined hull solution. Engines, water makers, air conditioning, generators, toilets and even the galley sink require incoming water to operate. A single TruDesign seacock and saltwater manifold can efficiently deliver seawater to each unit.

Explore the versatility of the threaded T pieces and hose tails, male and female combinations, and daisy chain together a saltwater manifold to meet your equipment needs.

TruDesign Saddle Clips & Bases

An ingenious solution for organising and holding pipe or cable runs

Their exceptional design allows for easy installation – simply screw or epoxy the saddle base in position and effortlessly clip on the hose grips. As you push your hose into place, these grips tighten even further on the base, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

The brilliance of this design extends to its versatility. Enhance the security of your installations by using cable ties in conjunction with our Saddle Clips and Bases. This adds an extra layer of safety and keeps your cable runs impeccably secure and tidy.

TruDesign Full Range of Marine Fittings & Accessories

Click here to view the extensive Trudesign catalogue and explore the array of composite fittings.

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