Custom Fridge and Freezer liners are typically manufactured from 10mm thick natural High Density Polyethylene. The units’ design should be of the top loading kind, however front loaders are possible but careful consideration should be given to the hinge and lock mechanism as this is not provided.

Lids and doors are insulated internally by encapsulating Celotex foam within the lid providing superb insulation properties. How the lid is removed should be considered as well. A straight forward lift out is simplest and cheapest to produce. If it is to be hinged then a relief angle has to be incorporated on the opposite side to the hinge which will add to the cost. Tek Tanks have a number of fridge designs on file that you may wish to check so as to see how we manufacture the liners and lids. Please call for more information.

Normally the customer supplies their own Celotex insulation, however, Tek Tanks can supply and cut if required. Getting the insulation thickness right is critical to an efficient fridge or freezer and the guidelines for thicknesses should be adhered to depending on what part of the world you will be in and whether it is a fridge or freezer. Please see below.

Region       Fridge        Freezer
UK                50               75
MED             75              100
CARIB         100             150           

Dimensions are in mm

To obtain a quotation for a custom built fridge or freezer liner, please submit a drawing or template of your proposed design and Tek Tanks will then produce a CAD drawing for approval once the quotation has been accepted.

Tek Tanks can recommend Penguin Refrigeration, an excellent supplier of cooling plates and compressors. Penguin can bend the internal plates if required and also advise on the best type of compressor for your needs.

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