Specialist Vehicle and Coach Builders it seems always need an unusual tank for something, whether it is for water, waste or fuel.

This image is a close up of a filler neck from one of two diesel fuel tanks designed and built for military application and present the typical quality associated with all Tek-Tanks Custom Built Tanks

Tek-Tanks are pleased to be working with many of the top UK specialist coachbuilders such as J.S. Fraser, Qualiti Conversions, Romsey Coaches and many more.

J.S. Fraser

Sky Pro Cycling Logo

When J.S. Fraser first called Tek-Tanks seeking a solution for onboard water, waste and grey water storage for the Sky Cycling team tour buses, they couldn’t have landed in a better place.

Director Martin Rye jumped out of his mostly unoccupied seat and went to meet J.S. Fraser to further discuss their requirements and to take some exact measurements.

He returned later that day waving some photographs and measurements at his design team, who enthusiastically undertook the problem and quickly proposed a solution.

Using the available space, desired capacities, and working closely with J.S. Frasers own plumbing team, 3 tanks were designed and approved for build. It’s no wonder they were in touch again soon after with requirements for more tanks!