Series C tanks are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene and come with a wall thickness between 4 – 6mm.

The Series C fuel tanks are CE marked for the safe transportation and storage of petrol. We would like to provide more tank options for petrol but due to legislation, regulation, public liability and expensive tooling costs it makes this option far too prohibitive.

  • Fuel Tanks

    Fuel Tanks

    CE marked plastic fuel tanks suitable for diesel and petrol. Approved to ISO 21487 for use with recreational craft.
  • Waste Tanks

    Waste Tanks

    CE marked low profile plastic waste tanks. Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene to prevent smells permeating through the walls of the tank while holding waste on board.
  • Series C Fittings and Accessories

    Series C Fittings and Accessories

    A range of accessories suitable for use with our Series C economy plastic tanks. Replacement parts and additional fittings to customise your tank.
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