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Tek Tanks are happy to work directly with the boat owner or boat builder. Having been building tanks for 30 years Tek Tanks are experts in their field. Tek Tanks are pleased to share their experience, expertise and give free no obligation information to all.

Once fitted, a Tek Tanks tank will provide many years of service with very little maintenance.

Tek Tanks tanks are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is perfect for all water, waste and fuel tank applications.

Water Tanks

HDPE is a food-grade plastic which means, unlike cheaper plastic tanks you will never experience that plastic taste to the water. Freshwater remains fresh so you can drink the water without concern.

If used regularly the tank and plumbing system will require little maintenance, sanitising perhaps once or twice a year.

What’s under your bed?

Space is always at a premium on a boat, a common place for water or a waste tank on a narrowboat or Dutch barge is under the bed.

A custom tank built to size and shape can make use of every millimetre, maximising space and capacity.

Black Waste Holding Tanks

The 10mm wall thickness provides a tank with great strength. In a holding tank, this thickness also stops the waste from penetrating through the plastic, the main cause of boat odour.

The acid in black waste is highly corrosive eating through the welds of metal tanks and fittings. HDPE is not affected.

Tek Tanks popular vertical waste tanks were developed from a custom tank.

A simple, effective and efficient design. Easy to install, fault free and designed with a gravity, pump free discharge.

Tek Tip

When you have identified the location for your custom tank and measured the space make a template and see if you can navigate your tank in and through your boat, around obstacles to its final resting place.

If you can’t, reduce the template until you can. You can also send in your template for a quotation if you are unable to produce a drawing from it.

Fuel Tanks

High Density Polyethylene is lightweight and has low thermal properties making the tanks less susceptible to the forming of condensation.

For CE certification plastic tanks can no longer be installed in the engine compartment. A plastic tank needs to be
protected behind a fireproof bulkhead or installed in a separate compartment altogether.

HDPE tanks are only suitable for low flash rate fuels.

See our Series C Tanks rated for petrol

We use brass fittings on fuel tanks and plastic fittings on water & waste tanks.

We stock a vast array of fittings but maybe not what you are after. Let us know, and we will do our best to source what you are after.

Racing – Lightweight Tanks

When every gram counts

Tek Tip

Has your boat been built around your tank? The only way to get it out is to cut it up in situ.

You want to maintain the tanks capacity and its original location is the only option.

No problem measure up for a series of tanks that can be joined together.

For more details speak with a Tek Tanks team member.

When you're ready, click here and follow the custom tank order process


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