A range of plumbing equipment including TruDesign products, Hoses, Clips and Clamps as well as Cam Lock Connectors.

  • TruDesign Products

    TruDesign Products

    TruDesign composite plastic plumbing fittings, Type approved and manufactured to meet the harsh environmental demands of modern boating. These products are more than suitable for other industries such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Aquaculture, Food and Drink Production, Medical and Oil, in fact, almost any industry where liquids need to flow.
  • Hose, Clips and Adapters

    Hose, Clips and Adapters

    A range of hose, clips and adapters for use with water, fuel and sanitation systems.
  • Camlock Hose Connectors

    Camlock Hose Connectors

    Camlock Hose Connectors provide a quick and easy way of connecting and disconnecting hoses from tanks, pumps and machinery.
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