These vertically mounted gravity discharge tanks are designed to be bolted directly to a bulkhead or suitable structure, saving time and money on installation. Available as part of the Tek Tanks standard range, moulded in 10mm thick natural HDPE with the option to locate the fittings exactly where required. 

They feature a large inspection hatch which can be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The bottom of these tanks are slightly sloping to ensure the waste migrates to the central outlet. Available in three different capacities: 40, 60 and 78 litres.

These three tanks are available either as a standard package or can be customised to suit individual requirements.

As standard they are supplied with an 1 ½” straight outlet in the tank bottom, an 1 ½” straight deck pump out fitting with an internal dip pipe, an 1 ½” elbow vent and an 1 ½” elbow inlet.

For successful gravity discharge a 2” outlet would be more suitable, which can be fitted by Tek-Tanks if required. This will of course require a 2” seacock. Four 10mm stainless steel coach screws are include for mounting to a bulkhead or ply plate.