Quality Series ‘A’ Tanks

Exclusive to Tek Tanks, these high-quality seamless rotationally moulded plastic tanks are manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). Natural in colour, semi-translucent, perfect for almost all installations. UV resistant Black MDPE is available upon request.

NOTE: Series A Diesel Tanks cannot be fitted in an engine compartment on a boat unless separated by a fireproof bulkhead.

Featured Tank

Heavy Duty Commercial Tanks

This 1250 litre Blank Baffled tank is popular with Commercial Fisherman, Dutch Barge owners and mobile business operators. The extensive tank baffles not only reduce the movement of the internal liquid when underway they also provide the tank with additional strength.

All of our Series A tanks are suitable for water, waste, low flash rate fuels and most chemicals.

These tanks are stocked on the shelf blank with no fittings in place. This means they can be orientated in multiple ways, on their side, up on end, lay flat this provides you with many installation options.

Making your installation even easier we weld in your chosen fittings where you want them.

Choose Your Tank

Quality Series ‘A’ tanks

  • Blank Baffled Tanks
  • Rectangular Tanks
  • Vertical Waste Tanks
  • Shaped Tanks

Over the last 30 years we have developed an ordering process ensuring that together we manufacture your tank matching your requirements.
Take a look at the ordering process for a Series A tank

Featured Tank

Extremely popular black water waste tank offering exceptional value for money. Available in 40, 60 and 80 litre capacity these tanks come complete with the core tank fittings required.

Best in class design
Easy installation
Gravity discharge
Sloped sump
11/2” full flow fittings
8” Inspection hatch
Deck rodding
10mm wall thickness
Odour free plastic

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Trade Enquires.

Bespoke HDPE tanks lend themselves to one-off production because there are no expensive mould tools to build. Custom tanks are of all-welded construction and built to the customers own design, but to Tek-Tanks demanding and proven specifications. 10mm thick HDPE cannot be easily curved, but multifaceted shapes normally solve most design problems. Please bear in mind when designing your tank that the more complicated the shape, the more expensive the tank. If multiple uniform tanks are required then potentially a more cost-effective solution would be rotomoulding. Having expertise in this field we can give you tooling and production costs.


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