Step 1 – Your Drawing

All custom plastic tanks begin with a drawing, a template or an old metal tank that you bring along. 

Your drawing or template doesn’t have to be perfect but the better itis the better we can help you. We realise not all of us are artists orhave access to the latest computer drawing software.  A simple sketchshowing the shape of the tank, it’s dimensions, the fitting locationsand their sizes is all we need.

It would be great if you can measure your tank in millimetres as thisis the most accurate method of measurement. All of our systems are inmillimetres and nothing is lost in  a conversion.

If you’re really not comfortable in forwarding us a drawing, perhaps time is limited. Just download our quotation form and email it to us at This form will provide us with the most basic information that is required for us to quote.

Step 2 – Quotation

Once we have received your sketch giving the information that we need wewill prepare and send you our quotation. If something doesn’t lookright or we see something that may be beneficial to you we will contactyou.

Step 3 – CAD Drawing

Upon receipt of your deposit we then move to the next step andproduce a CAD drawing of your tank. A copy of which will be sent to you.This is your opportunity to make any alterations, talk with ourdesigners and  check that all is well.

In peak times there may be a delay in preparing your drawing.

Step 4 – Production

When you are happy with everything and the drawing has been approved, wethen move to the production stage. Your tank build will have beenscheduled and an allocated build slot assigned.


Why not make a mock-up or a tank template it’s really a good and quickway to see if your new tankwill manoeuvre around any obstacles or tightspots that you may have, but more importantly, check whether you can getthe tank into and out of the boat, vehicle or building. It is usuallymore expensive to modify a tank than to start all over again. Mark onthe locations of any fittings and features such as fixing tabs.
Quiteoften customers send in or deliver their templates along with theirsketches and we are often amazed by our customers ingenuity. Some of thetemplates that we have received are nothing short of a work of art.