Gobius 4

Quick to install, easy to use Non-Invasive Level Indicator

The first level indicator in the world that measures the contents of tanks in plastic, stainless steel, mid steel and aluminium from the OUTSIDE of the tank. Since it measures from the outside, cleaning the tank or drilling holes is not necessary and now a thing of the past. The system works on “knock and listen” technology and is ideal for retro fitting to fuel, water and waste tanks that are already in use.

Smart Patented Technology

Every sensor that is placed onto the tank wall consists of a shaker and accelerometer. When the shaker creates a vibration in the tank wall, the accelerometer measures the size of the vibration and passes it on to the control unit. The contol unit then calculates if the fluid level has passed the particular sensor or not. The wall mountable display provides easy to read, distinctive LED illumination that indicate up to four levels (in quarters) of tank contents. An analogue gauge can also be used if preferred.

Suitiable for:

  • Stainless steel, 1-3 mm
  • Steel, 1-3 mm
  • Aluminum, 2-5 mm
  • Polyethelene, 2-10 mm
  • Fibre Glass, 4-8 mm