Custom loft tanks

A loft conversion is a relatively easy way to add additional room to your home. The roof is of course in place, but the attic space will require some alteration, a window or skylight, some insulation panelling, and a strengthened floor.

Quite often in older houses the hot and cold-water system is fed by a loft tank and generally these take up valuable space within the loft.

Tek Tanks can build and supply a shaped tank that can be incorporated within the eve’s maintaining water pressure and litres.

You choose where the fittings go..

Not only will a custom tank maximise every millimetre, providing flexibility you choose where the fittings go best matching your installation.

Tek Tanks don’t use glues or adhesives as these always break down over time. All fittings are plastic welded into a Tek Tank.

To get the ball rolling all we need is a hand sketch showing the shape and dimensions of the tank. Mark on your sketch where you would like the fittings to be, and we will do the rest.

Download our fittings guide, if there is a fitting that we don’t show I’m sure we will be able to obtain it for you.

Once we have you sketch, we will send you a no obligation quotation and an idea of any lead time.

Contact us today and speak with one of the team.


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