RV & Caravan

RV VehicleRV and Caravan owners wanting to either replace their water and waste tanks or add additional plastic water or waste holding tanks have been coming to Tek-Tanks for many years now.

We can supply either Standard off the shelf plastic water tanks or waste holding tanks for RV and Caravan Owners or provide a plastic Custom Tank building service for those out of the ordinary applications. If you are adding a generator to your vehicle and need an auxiliary plastic fuel tank, then why not have a look at our range of standard  plastic fuel tanks. These plastic fuel tanks are off the shelf and come completely fitted ranging from 33 litres to 144 litres.


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If your plastic tank is damaged in any way then we can offer a tank repair service. This has proved popular with owners as it means that sourcing a replacement tank is not necessary and a repair is vastly cheaper. Just phone and make an appointment with our sales team and  bring your tank along to the factory for an assessment, please ensure that the tanks are clean and completely empty.  Where possible the repair will be made the same day and will be pressure tested once complete. You are welcome to watch the repair being carried out.