About the Build


Once your drawing has been approved the tank data is sent to a CNC router and your tank panels are cut.

Once cut your panels are grouped ready for collection by an engineer.

Sustainable water, waste and diesel storage with our 100% recyclable plastic tanks
All plastic trimmings are saved and sent to be recycled

Assembly & Production

One of our engineers will collect your panels and proceed to build your tank.

Our standard build includes baffles placed approximately every 300 mm. On larger tanks, these are locked into position using an interlocking pin and ribs situated under the top panel. This design feature prevents the top of the tank from lifting when under pressure.

These carefully planned internal baffles also perform two additional important functions. Firstly, they introduce immense rigidity to the design of the tank, and secondly, they cleverly limit the dynamic movement of contents, thus minimising the destructive pounding forces against the tank body.

Whether you have a sailing boat fuel tank or an outside water butt, we will have a fitting for you. Where possible we weld the fittings into every tank, we do not use any glues or sealants: over time these always breakdown. First we will weld in a fusion socket male or female and then the fitting is attached to that with some thread compound or a rubber seal.

We generally use plastic fittings for water and waste, brass for fuel & chemical tanks. Stainless steel fittings can be supplied to order.

A must read and thoroughly recommended is our Custom Tank Design Guide, which can be found in our quick links carousel. The guide provides comprehensive information and gives some good tips and advice.

“ We don’t use any glues or sealants ”


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