Connecting the Pipework

Connect the heating coil(s) into the engine cooling curcuit with flexible rubber hose of the type used on cab heaters on lorries. Hep20 push fit pipework is recommended for the hot and cold water connections.

Connection Kit For C-Warm Models No. of Coils
CWB-CKIT – 1 CWB18 – H to CWB67 – H 1
CWB-CKIT – 1T CWB29 – VT to CWB67 – HT 2
CWB-CKIT – 2 CW67 – V to CWB141 – V 1
CWB-CKIT – 2T CWB67 – VT to CWB141 – VT 2

Kit Contents:
Hose connectors for coil connectors (2 or 4)
HEP2O connectors for hot and cold connections (1 x straight, 1 x 90 deg)
HEP2O T-connector for draincock


Marine pressurised water systems are not vented to atmosphere. C-Warm storage heaters are protected against excessive internal pressure by a TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE pre-set to lift at a pressure well below the test pressure of the heater (see Specification, page 20), and at a temperature of 90 deg C.

Water pressure is not in itself dangerous. But excessive water pressure due to overheating is potentially dangerous, because it could lead to the sudden release of large amounts of scalding water and steam into a confined space Overheating from the engine cooling circuit is not a hazard: the engine itself would overheat and would have to be shut down before the water stored in the C-Warm heater could reach boiling point.

Failure of the thermostatic cut-out in an a.c.electric immersion heater could potentially cause the stored water to boil, generating excessive pressure. An ordinary pressure relief valve would eventually lift, but would release scalding water and steam under pressure. Every C-Warm storage heater is supplied with a TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE, so that the water cannot reach boiling temperature.

To guard against the possible risk of thermostat failure in the a.c. immersion heater, you are strongly advised to fit a C-Warm DOUBLE-PROTECTED IMMERSION HEATER, with an additional high temperature cut-out. The main thermostat resets itself automatically when the stored water temperature fails below the cut-in temperature. The high temperature cut-out has to be reset manually after it has cut off the electric supply. Hep2O push-fit pipework is recommended for the hot and cold water connections.