Fixing The Water Storage Heater in Place

When full of water the heater has a substantial mass. It must be secured firmly in place to prevent damage to the heater and pipework or to the supporting structure, from the effects of rough weather or other shocks of marine use.

1. Support the WEIGHT on a strong base.

2. Support the MASS against horizontal forces.

The exact method you use to hold the heater in place will depend on the construction of the vessel and on the available space.

Some suggested installation methods are indicated below.

C-Warm Vertical Mounting

Vertical Models

C-Warm vertical heaters have feet. Screw or bolt the feet firmly to the base.

One or more restraining straps or brackets round the upper part of the heater are recommended for added security.

See Strap Kits and Bracket Kits page for details.

Horizontal Methods

C-Warm horizontal models have no feet. Either C-Warm Strap Kit or C-Warm Bracket Kit (H-Series) can be used to secure the heater in place. Leave space under the heater for pipe connections on some models.

See Strap Kits and Bracket Kits page for details.