Frequently Asked Questions

If my C-Warm storage heater contains no water, is it safe for engine cooling water to circulate through the coil?

Yes. Engine cooling water can safely be circulated through the coil whether the heater is full of water, part full or empty.

How long will a C-Warm storage heater last?

C-Warm heaters are designed for use with clean fresh drinkable water. With fresh water containing nor more than 0.5mg/litre of dissolved salt and a trace of dissolved chlorine gas, a life of 5 -10 years or more is normal. Sea water or heavily chlorinated water is more corrosive, and the working life of the heater and fittings may be reduced.

Can I use a C-Warm storage Heater to heat sea water?

Copper is moderately resistant to corrosion in hot sea water, so the heater itself can be used with salt water, though its working life may be shortened. Because the temp/pressure relief valve may corrode C-Warm is not recommended for sea water installations with an electric immersion heater.

Winter Precautions

Drain heater and leave empty when not in use, avoid the risk of freezing and possible damage in winter.


C-Warm water storage heaters are guaranteed free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from delivery to the purchaser.