Over the years Tek-Tanks have produced a large number of replacement and new tanks for standard production sailing and motor boats.

We have tried where possible to record the make, model, type of tank and where in the boat the tank/s where situated. This has proved extremely useful to a lot of boat owners who are not sure about measuring and drawing a new tank.

If your boat is not listed but you have a tank that needs replacing then no problem, we are here to help. Many tanks are easily removed and can be brought to the factory for measuring and costing, others are not so easy to remove and may require a specialist, again Tek-Tanks can help by recommending someone in your area to assist in the removal of the old tank and the replacement of a new one.

A custom built tank is not always necessary as many of our Series A and Series C tanks will fit with a little imagination. Remember, Series A tanks can be rotated in any direction and the fittings can be added anywhere on the tank giving you a surprising number of options. Quite often they will not provide as much capacity as the original tank but this often outweighs the cost benefits. 

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BRMOCEAN29WASTE Broom Ocean 29 Waste Tank