Pong Go Carbon Filters


The Pong-Go Activated Carbon Air Filter is suitable for Marine, Caravan, Commercial Vehicle and Site installations.

Activated Carbon filters are widely used for improving the working and living environment in industry, commerce and the home, wherever deodourising systems are required.

Activated Carbon filters can be found at work in industries as diverse as motor vehicle assembly and food manufacturing, in buildings as different as hospitals and airports.

Activated Carbon filters are sufficiently versatile to produce clean refreshing air in most cases where polluted air is a problem.

Activated Carbon is a processed carbon with highly developed absorptive powers, ideal for removing a wide range of unpleasant odours and gaseous contaminates from air streams.

Activated Carbon filters consist of carbon granules which are obtained from coconut shells, wood and coal. These different sources result in a wide variety of grades, covering specific applications. For gas or air treatment, for example, the most effective carbon is produced from coconut shells or anthracite, both of which have exceedingly fine pore structures that can be greatly developed during the activation process.

Activated Carbon filters are ideal for handling the unpleasant gases and odours which escape from digestion and settling tanks and for this reason are often specified by water authorities.

Breathers for Holding Tanks in boats have been a major problem unless the tank is continually fed with odour camouflaging chemicals. These chemicals destroy natural biodegrading qualities and, contrary to popular opinion, create a less clean tank. Water authorities do not like the use of chemicals. These can seriously damage water treatment plants, when discharging into the main sewer system, from boats, caravans, etc. Hydraulic pressure that can be inflicted upon a tank by extending breather pipes vertically, and the necessity for large bore breathers to prevent implosion at pump out, often demand that the breather outlet is in a less than ideal position. With an activated carbon filter the outlet is no longer a problem and the tank can be used without costly and environmentally harmful chemical treatment.

The specifically developed filter has hose connections for 1 1/2″ (38mm) ID Breather required by British Standard MA 101 and ISO 8099. Access is required for changing the carbon element, although this is an easy and infrequent job.

The Pong-Go filter can be installed almost anywhere and is designed to connect with the breather plumbing from any angle. Air flow through the filter can be from either the  inlet or the outlet.


The Pong-Go filter should be installed within the breather pipeline in such away as to minimise the possibility of it becoming directly in contact with solid or fluid contents inside the holding tank.

To achieve this it is advisable to install the Pong-Go as high as possible within the system.

Access must be available for the removing and replacing of the Pong-Go filter element. A minimum of 32mm. (1.25 ins.) clearance from any obstruction is required for the removal of the filter cover. The filter element itself is 82mm. (3.5 ins.) long and 76mm. (3 ins.) in diameter. Space must be provided to effect its removal from the Pong-Go body after the cover has been removed.

To achieve this it is advisable to install the Pong-Go as high as possible within the system.