Suitable for Petrol and Diesel

Suitable for petrol and diesel, made in Italy from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These tanks are red in colour and come complete with standard  nylon inspection hatch which includes a vented cap, a fuel feed and a remote vent.

  • 38mm (1 ½”) vented filler cap
  • 8mm (5/16”) hosetail with pickup pipe for fuel feed.
  • 13mm (½”) hosetail for vent

The inspection plate is ready to take a fuel level indicator (up to 400mm), for example our S3 range with the FL-2 fitting flange for use with the S3 Analogue Fuel Gauge (Ref: IPFR). An additional fitting for a diesel return (up to 13mm) may also be fitted on request.

A budget mechanical gauge is also available that is read directly from the tank.

TT-5639 Series C Original Plastic Fuel Tank


If you are filling your tank from the deck, you will need to purchase our Inlet Connector kit (Ref: TT-5521) with one threaded straight fitting and one 90 degree threaded elbow filler tube with stepped diameters of 38, 50 and 60mm. A rubber sealing washer is also included.

The overall height of the elbow is 90mm.

The Strap Kit (ST2340) is ideal for holding all these tanks down in position.

The overall diameter of the inspection hatch is 175mm. This hatch plate is available separately so can be added to any Series A tank. The hatch plate position is shown on the drawings available to download from the document section of each tank.

Series C Fuel Tanks

Available In Stock

Original Range

Capacity(Litres)ProductCodeDimensions (mm)
33TT-5637500350230BUY NOW
40TT-5640500400280BUY NOW
42TT-5634500350300BUY NOW
43TT-5638650350230BUY NOW
50TT-5641650400280BUY NOW
53TT-5639800350230BUY NOW
55TT-5635650350300BUY NOW
62TT-5643660300410BUY NOW
62TT-5645660410300BUY NOW
65TT-5642800400280BUY NOW
70TT-5636800350300BUY NOW
70TT-5647800400280BUY NOW
84TT-5648950400280BUY NOW
91TT-5644910300410BUY NOW
91TT-5646910410300BUY NOW
96TT-56491100400280BUY NOW
102TT-5650800400400BUY NOW
120TT-5651950400400BUY NOW
140TT-56521100400400BUY NOW

Modular Range





Dimensions (mm) 
28TT-5653450390200BUY NOW
35TT-5654550390200BUY NOW
41TT-5655650390200BUY NOW
43TT-5660450390290BUY NOW
48TT-5656750390200BUY NOW
53TT-5661550390290BUY NOW
54TT-5657850390200BUY NOW
61TT-5658950390200BUY NOW
63TT-5662650390390BUY NOW
67TT-56591050390200BUY NOW
73TT-5663750390290BUY NOW
83TT-5664850390290BUY NOW
93TT-5665950390290BUY NOW
103TT-56661050390290BUY NOW

Series C Tank Range

Water Tanks

Series C Water Tanks are available in two ranges, the original and the modular. The original range includes all the fittings and the modular range is supplied with skin fittings loose for the customer to fit on site.

Waste Tanks

Series C Waste tanks are yellow in colour with an optional range of fittings which will cover most applications. A level indicator can be added on request.

Fuel Tanks

The Series C Fuel tanks come as standard with plastic fittings but we swap these out for brass at no extra cost. We feel that where fuel is concerned metal fittings are far better and less likely to snap off.


A range of accessories including strap kits, fillers and level indicators.